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Our resources are valuable tools designed to support research endeavors, and we encourage you to connect with us if you come across any additional sources that can enrich the scientific community. 

Your contributions are essential in expanding our pool of knowledge and enhancing the resources available to all.

Together, we can foster collaborative growth in the pursuit of knowledge.

Research Related Resources:

If you would like to share research requests to the ARCA membership to help contribute to disability-focused scholarship, calls for participants can be sent to the ARCA membership through ACA Connect. 

To access ACA Connect, log into your ACA account and click on the following: My ACA -> ACA Community -> ACA Connect -> Communities -> My Communities -> Click on ARCA -> Click “Add” next to Latest Discussion Posts. From there, you can draft your message and click send!

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Discover the exceptional contributions and achievements celebrated within the rehabilitation counseling field through ARCA’s prestigious awards section.


Explore the latest developments and inspiring stories within the rehabilitation counseling community through ARCA’s news portal.


Join us on a journey of continuous learning and professional growth by accessing ARCA’s engaging webinars, where experts share valuable insights and expertise in rehabilitation counseling.


Stay up-to-date with upcoming conferences, where dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds converge to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards shaping the profession’s future.

CRC Exam Study Material

Resources that have been collected from students and professionals who have previously taken the CRC Examination.

Disability Resources & Competencies

Explore essential knowledge and skills in disability resources and competencies.

Public Policy & Legislation

Explore the public policy and legislation in Rehabilitation Counseling and how it shapes our practice and advocacy efforts.

Student Chapters & Resources

Enhance your academic journey and foster a community of learning and growth.

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